Jesus Does Heart Scans

John 2:25 says this “No one needed to tell him (Jesus) about human nature, for he knew what was in each person’s heart.” It’s kind of alarming at first glance - to think that someone out there knows everything that’s in your heart.

I think it’s safe to say we spend a significant amount of time managing our image, even masking the true nature of our heart from others. It’s just not socially acceptable to publicly acknowledge all of our hurts, hopes, dreams and darkness. But Jesus isn’t afraid of what’s in there. He’s not alarmed, unnerved or surprised by what hides, or lurks, in the corners of our hearts.

Yes - he knows the hurt. He can inventory the recent wounds and the age-old scars. He sees the slights and the grudges we hold on to, gently encouraging us to let them go. And he knows the deep gashes, the open cuts that are fighting to heal.

And the hopes. He knows the longings we’re scared to unveil to others. He can list the wishes for significance, financial peace, success, growth and intimacy. He names the dreams we have for our future, for our spiritual development, for our family, our city, our nation.

And he can illuminate the darkness that lingers under the surface: whether it is lust or anger or pride or insecurity or envy or competition. He sees what we don’t like, what we can’t see, what we’re not ready to admit that doesn’t belong.

He knows what’s in your heart and mine. He sees the flaws and the gold, the trash and the treasure. And I think he gently pulls the rough stuff out into the open so we can discard it, push past it, evolve beyond it. And he brings the beauty into the light so he can celebrate it. Jesus doesn’t name the contents of our hearts to shame us, but to set us free. So, go ahead and stand in line for a heart scan. Its not always fun, but sometimes we need them to get to where we want to be.

Craig Custance