What’s a Dream Worth?

In every tale of a hero’s quest, there’s a list of sacrifices the protagonist makes on the road to glory. They offer up blood, sweat, tears. They pass on sleep, food and comfort. They batter their bodies and sharpen their minds- all for the brass ring, the gold medal, the corner office. Or for spiritual enlightenment, lasting friendship or true love. And usually, when the last page is written, it was all worth it.

Except when it isn’t.

Proverbs says this, “It is pleasant to see dreams come true, but fools refuse to turn from evil to attain them” (Prov. 13:19).

“It’s pleasant to see dreams come true, but…”
The writer affirms both the value of dreams and the joy that come when they’re achieved.
There is, however, a caution here as well.

“Be careful about the means you choose to reach your dreams.”

To be fair, the writer says fools have sketchy plans. 
Given the option, the fool (a person who can’t or won’t look to God for clarity) won’t turn away from doing wrong to get what he wants.

The fool doesn’t care about how he gets to the top, only that he gets there.
History is littered with characters who conquered kingdoms, built corporate empires, trampled their enemies and realized their dreams. But they finished those tasks with bloody hands, dark hearts and a fractured conscience.

Where are you going? What dream are you gunning for?
What are you prepared to do to get there?
Can you finish this race with your integrity in tact?

If so, keep running, my friend. 
Set your face to the wind, steel your resolved and put one foot in front of the other.

If not, pick a different course to get where you want to go.
Or discard this dream and find a new one.
Jesus says “If you conquer the world and lose your soul, you didn’t win anything that matters.”

Craig Custance